Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Drawing Horses Part 1

Horses have a very unique body shape (much different from humans).  In this part, we are going to focus on getting the basic shape.  They can be very difficult to draw, and take much, much practice.  It took me over a year to master the skills of drawing a horse.  That is why I am splitting this topic into three parts.  Note: We will be drawing with shapes, so if you haven't read the post Using Shapes in Your Art, you will definitely want to read it before moving on.  All you need in this part is a sketchbook (or piece of paper) and a pencil (an HB or No. 2, they are the exact same thing).  You also want to be able to draw lightly, so if you haven't read the post
Shading Techniques, I would suggest you do so now.  If you already know this technique, but haven't read the post, you won't need to.  Let's Begin!

You are going to want to have your paper landscape!

First, you want to draw a circle (lightly) with about a 2 in. diameter (it doesn't have to be perfect) a little to the left of the center of your paper. 


Behind it, make another circle (lightly) around the same size, but a little more oval.


From the front circle, a little up and to the left, you want to make a circle (lightly) about half the size.  This will be the head.

 Next, we are going to draw the curve on the horses' back.  Start at the top of the first circle we drew and end at the top of the second circle we drew (you can make this line as dark as you want).

Now, the belly line, or the girth.  You want to start at the bottom of the first circle you drew.  Cut into it a little and make a little bit of an even line and then curve up a bit.  Even out and connect with the second circle.

Then, we are going to draw the top neck line (or curve).  Begin at the top of the third circle and continue down to the first circle.  Do NOT connect directly to the back line.

Two more things left!  Bottom neck line is next!  Start at the third circle and draw a curve to the bottom circle

Lastly, you will draw the nose.  I don't really know how to explain it in words, so just look at the picture.

Well, that's all for today!  You will have to check my blog tomorrow for the next part.  I would suggest practicing these steps the rest of the day, so tomorrow you can move on no problem!  Good Luck!