Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Drawing Horses Part 2

I hope you practiced what we learned yesterday because it is time to move on!  Today, we are going to do a little more detail.  Such as creating and forming more of the body shape.  So get your paper and pencil out and let's go at it!  Note: We will be starting where we left off.

We are first going to enhance the body shape.  On the second circle you made, continue the line (which forms the back) and guide it along the back side.

Now, where the bottom neck. line meets the circle, you want to make a very small arc along the edge of the circle.

Next, cut into the second circle with the girth line.

Back where the second circle meets where you just cut in it, make another line which goes down.  Also, the first step you did in this part, continue it down, lining up with the line you just made.  You may now erase the second circle you drew. 

Where the front of the girth line meets the first circle, draw a little along the circle and then leave it continuing down.

A little to the right of halfway through the space on the bottom of the front circle, create a line which goes down with the line you just made.

Make a line which comes from the line you just made and along the first circle a little bit.

Now make two lines; one which goes from the arc you made down, and the other from the line you just made down.  You can now erase the first circle.

In the next part, we will focus on the facial details.  Be sure to practice what you learned today!