Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Drawing Trees

A lot of people think, well, two lines with a little bit of a curve on the end and scribbles to make leaves, right?  Now, I am not saying it is the wrong way, but don't you kind of wish you could do more?  Well, this post is for you!  I will show you how to enhance your trees to make them look even more real!

Now, in the last post, I discussed how to use shapes to draw the body of things.  In this post you will be doing the same.  You will be using two circles and two lines to create a tube.  You will use a series of tubes to draw your tree.
Now, make a firm line to outline the tubes and erase any part of the tube you don't want the viewer to see.

Alright, perfect, well almost.  We still need our leaves.  You can make your leaves in a variety of different ways.  You can use scribbles, but make some lighter and some darker.  You can use a series of lines which do not blend, but also make some darker and some lighter.  It is your choice.  In this example, I will use a series of lines.

Well, now you can enhance your trees to make a better scenery piece of art.  Don't forget to use your creativity!