Friday, June 6, 2014

Drawing with a Graph

Hi guys!  Drawing with a graph can be very helpful when trying to draw in proportion.  It can also enable you to draw easier and to use more details.  Using a graph is also a fantastic way to practice drawing certain things and drawing them in correct proportion.

First, you want to pick out a picture of the thing you want to draw and place a graph over it.  Then, you also want to put the same graph over a blank piece of paper.

Now, start on the far left upper box and work your way to the right.  Then, go to the next row, and work your way just like you do when you are reading.  You can draw in color or black and white.  It doesn't really matter.  I enjoy drawing this way because it gives me practice at things I am not as good at.  You can use any image you want and create anything!  Soon, I might have a graph drawing up on the My Artwork page!

Good luck, everyone :)