Sunday, July 27, 2014

Color or Black and White?

When I first began drawing, I used black and white.  Why?  Well, color never turned out looking right.  It never looked realistic to me.  You may ask once again, "Why?".  I would simply answer, "I cannot use shading when I used colored pencils.  It takes away the realism and depth."  Now, when you think of using colored pencils, do you think of the ones you used as a 5-year-old as you colored in your coloring book?  No, you don't use those, but I thought you did.  If you have read my Recourses and Supplies page, one of the supplies are Prismacolor colored pencils.  These pencils are very expensive and high quality artist colored pencils.  They are designed for your artwork and not for a 5-year-old's coloring book. 

It takes time and practice, but you can have depth and shading with these colored pencils.  I may give some more posts on using colored pencils as I go along, but if you want to look on YouTube or somewhere else, don't be surprised if you end up using blue to make grass. 

If you are new to drawing, I would stick with using a regular pencil until you think you have it down pat.  Then, you will be ready to move on to colored pencils.  It is difficult and sometimes frustrating, but artists don't give up!