Monday, July 14, 2014

Interview with Alea Harper :)

Hi everyone!  Today I have had the opportunity to interview Alea Harper.  Yay!!!!  She is a dedicated writer and a Christian!  For more information about her visit her blog at

Hi Alea! So glad to have you with me today and thank you for your time. So, what do you wish to do as a blogger?
Awww! Thank you so much for asking me! It is my first interview *giggles excitedly*. I wish to share with others my love for writing, reading, and Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!

That is a wonderful goal! Being a writer myself, I understand the struggles of getting words onto a page. What inspires you the most to write?
Hmm...that is a very difficult question. I think its when I read really great writing. Sometimes, I'll write a fanfiction story about it. Other times, it will inspire me to write my own story. Another thing that can inspire me is movie previews. Typically, they will leave me hanging, so I write a story that is sort of based on that genre. Music also inspires me, particularly movie soundtracks!

That inspires me too! What are ways you like to encourage and share your hobby and talent of writing?
Well, I love to do word wars with my writer friends. When we are finished, we tell each other our word count and the last sentence we wrote. We each tell each other that we did a great job and sometimes, how we liked the sentence! I also like to encourage other writers, some I may not know, through my blog!

Sounds like great fun! Now, I have heard you are doing Camp NaNoWriMo. How do you like it and what would you say to others who are interested?
Camp NaNoWriMo is EPIC! If you are interested, do yourself a favor and sign up! It is so amazing! But, since it is in the middle of July, I would encourage you to wait until next April and/or July, when it happens again!
Great! Now you have gotten me excited *giggles*. What is your favorite part about writing?
My favorite part is probably writing the first draft.

Thank you so much! I have really enjoyed interviewing today! Good luck on your blog and Camp NaNoWriMo! :)
Thank you for having me! I'm so excited to have my first interview! *Giggles super excitedly*