Monday, July 21, 2014

Story Snippet: Galaxy Connectors

So, I finally decided to post a portion of my book *smiles*.  I will try to post a snippet every few weeks, if possible.

Chapter 1 -

I breathed in a sigh of relief as I looked at the clock on my nightstand, though, I didn’t really need to.  The clock was already talking to me.  Earlier that morning I had tried to get up, but I just couldn’t get my body to listen.  Next thing I knew, I was out – asleep.  For the second time, I attempted at sitting up.  This time I had the energy.  I was able to not only sit up, but stand up and walk to my closet.  In front of my closet, I stomped by foot on the grayish/bluish carpet.  The room shook a little, but I was used to it.  Hangers moved across my closet making a screeching-like noise.  A hanger started swinging back and forth when I took the contents of a green and blue striped shirt from its place.  I then walked over to my dresser, my feet sinking into the silky carpet.  After a series of stomps, a wooden dresser drawer creaked open.  Inside, there were denim shorts, capris, and jeans.  I quickly grabbed the top pair of capris and threw them on.  Watching the clock, I looked in the mirror as I braided my long blonde hair with natural brown highlights.  Since my hair was layered, I had hairs which had frayed.  I snatched the container of hair gel, untwisted the cap, and rubbed some in my hair.  When it look decent enough to walk around in the public, I slid my feet into my green tennis shoes and tied the laces.  I quickly took my diary with the initial “C” (which stood for Castilla) on the front cover and my book bag from my bed.  I then opened my door slowly. As the rusty hinges creaked, I switched the light, putting everything back in place.
                I raced down the set of stairs three at a time, but it didn’t bother me.  The gel insoles in my tennis shoes absorbed the shock.  I jogged through the house effortlessly almost as if I were flying.  I was able to get my hands on a roll before I dashed out the door.  When I turned off the driveway and into the street, I slowed my pace to a fast walk because of heavy car traffic.  I had 15 minutes to get to the school, in my classroom, books for first block on my desk.
                Should I take the back way to the school? The back way was a dirt path, so no one would be on it.  When I came to the point where the dirt path forked off from the main road, I hesitated.  I looked at the path in front of me, then at the road full of traffic.  That doesn’t look good…  I rotated back to the right, facing towards the tunnel-like dirt path ahead of me.  I sprinted forward, hoping to make up some time.
                Branches scraped against my face, arms and ankles causing a stinging sensation.  I used to walk this path every day to school when I was younger, but not while running or being in a hurry.  Blood was dripping down my ankles and into my shoes, dampening my socks.  Five minutes went by, 10 minutes and there it was, the school.  I don’t that I have ever been happier to arrive at school in my entire life!
                I jogged through the front doors and straight into the bathroom, the door opening and closing on its own.  I swiftly cleaned myself up using water and a few paper towels.  I also opened a box with a red cross on the top.  Inside, I took a few tannish colored Band-Aids and placed them over my bigger scrapes.  After putting the first aid kit away, I casually walked out of the bathroom and down through the hallway.
Well, that's all for today.  Keep checking to find more...