Sunday, August 10, 2014

Creating a Cover for Your Novel

Something I really enjoy doing when it comes to writing a novel, is creating the book cover.  It is so much fun messing with all different types of photos, drawing, fonts, and colors.  But when your novel is really good, it is often difficult to create a cover that really explains your novel well.  I think most everybody has heard the phrase, "Don't judge a book by it's cover", but to tell you the truth, I do.  I am sure a lot of people do.  So you want to make sure that you cover is the absolute best it can possibly so it catches the reader's eye. 

I have messed with many different cover options for Galaxy Connectors, but still haven't found a perfect match.  Depending on how far you are into your novel, sometimes you don't have a good idea of exactly how your novel will go and end (whether you plan much or not).  Sometimes, you have no clue what your novel will be called.  I started out by calling mine Sci-Fi Space Story, then I thought of calling it Portals of Space.  I threw that name away, because as I added to my word count, I thought it didn't quite fit the plot.  After a few weeks of thorough brainstorming and thinking, I came up with Galaxy Connectors.  The cover on the My Writing page is temporary, for now.  It is still not the final name for my WIP, but I am so far set on the title.  Occasionally, it is best to brainstorm for your title after the book is complete, especially if you are a very lite planner. 

The fun part of creating your cover is arranging all the images or drawing, and playing with the fonts for the title.  Finding the right picture or drawing can be difficult, but in this post, I will give you some ideas. 

If you are like me, you already have the perfect picture in your head of how the cover will look.  But if you are once again like me, it almost never turns out as good as planned.  If you do have that image in your mind, the best way to get it onto your cover is to take the picture yourself.  Do a photo shoot, you can illustrate your own picture the exact way you want it.  Or if you think a drawing would fit your story better, and you or someone you know is an artist, draw the front cover just the way you want it.

When working to find the perfect font, it can be quite frustrating.  You might have to look through all the fonts several times before you find the right one.  But also, the genre can help narrow down the fonts that would look good on your cover.  For example, if it is a romance novel, a type of cursive might look pretty.  If you spend enough time, you will find the font which fits your story best.

Remember, mess around with it until you until you can't bare to change anything, don't settle for a compromise!  Keep being creative...