Friday, September 26, 2014

Top 5 Must Read Books for Writers

5. Go Teen Writers by Stephanie Morrill and Jill Williamson
This is a fantastic book to read while writing you first novel.  It goes through things on publishing, editing, and much more!
4. The Giver by Lois Lowry
A total must read...BEFORE you watch the movie.  Except sometimes I get angry of how it just leaves you hanging.
3. Truth by Molly Evangeline
This a wonderful and well written Christian novel.  It really kept me on edge through the entire book.
2. The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien (I haven't been able to read Lord of the Rings yet)
The Hobbit is a great book for writers to read.  It really gives you a taste of what a well known writer looks like.
1. Resistance by Jaye L. Knight
I am still reading this one, but I can already tell it is my favorite.  The author is amazing and she inspires me to write!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Monday Minute Challenge

This is my fourth entry for Monday Minute Challenges on Tessa Emily Hall's blog, Christ is Write.  First of all, I am super excited because my picture prompt was chosen for this week's challenge!

I chose the picture prompt (the one I entered!!!) and it turned out to be exactly 300 words.  Enjoy!

It all happened so fast.  I felt if you blinked, you would miss something.  I was always looking and counting, making sure all of the family was together.  The mass confusion and chaos made me a little dizzy.  Making matters worse, no one told us what was happening or what was going on, they just told us what to do. 

On my back, my little 14 – month – old granddaughter cried, wishing for the noise to stop so she could sneak in a rest.  I almost wished I was her, on someone’s back, carefree and not worried about getting separated from family, or bumping into the people in front of you.  We continued into a large building and loud beeping sounded throughout the building.  I did my best to weave through the crowd at a quicker pace to escape the sound.  Behind me, my daughter held my hand tightly.  Then, it was jerked out.  I turned back, but she was out of reach.  I attempted at pushing against the crowd but it was hopeless. 

“No…” I whispered with a scratchy voice.

“Everyone please make a path for adults with young children.  They receive the first seating.”  The intercom announced.  A small path was made in front of me.  I looked back and my daughter was out of sight.  I have to keep going.  If I turn back, I may never get my granddaughter onto the spaceship.  I raced forward and boarded the ship with haste.  It soon became crowded and I could barely breathe, but it was worth it for the little baby on my lap to be taken to safety.  Not five minutes later, we took off and drew farther away from earth. Moments later, a giant explosion destroyed our home planet and my daughter was dead, I knew it.
Thanks for reading!  By the way, here is a link for the picture prompt:

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Taking a Photograph and Making it into a Masterpiece

One of my favorite exercises I enjoy doing is taking a photograph and making it into a drawing.  It really builds up your skills and helps expand your drawing "boundaries".  For me, it is much easier to follow an image, because it tells you proportion, color, shade, angle at which the light is coming from, etc.  See, you don't have to figure all this out, so it helps you focus on the details. 

An advantage of drawing from a picture is when you want to capture something that might change.  For example, if you wanted to draw a swan on a lake at sunset, you most likely will not be able to finish your drawing without the bird moving or the sun going fully down.  Also, you might be on vacation at a beautiful place, like the Grand Canyon, and want to sit down and draw some of the scenery, but you just don't want to hold the rest of your family up because you have so many other things you want to do there before you leave.  That would be a good time to take a picture and then move on to draw the picture another day or even when you get back from the trip.

A disadvantage to taking a picture is usually you cannot go back and take it again at a different angle.  You just have to deal with what you get.  This frustrates me sometimes, especially when it is so beautiful, but the angle is off or something isn't centered the way you want it to be. 

What I would recommend is taking your time, well as much as you can, and plan out your drawing, and then take the picture.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Character Profile: Skylar Holman

Lately, I have been so busy juggling schoolwork, working on my WIP, Galaxy Connectors, trying to draw as much as I can, and furiously reading books that keep adding up on my list.  Now that I have finally had time to write a post, I thought I would introduce a new idea I had.

Character Profiles.

You can create a character, it could either be one you are already using a your novel or one you are planning on using in the future.  When I made my character, I jotted down s many details as I could think about her.  I wanted to know her almost as good as myself, so I could easily predict her actions in certain situations. Now that you know what I mean by a character profile, I can tell you all about my character.

Name: Skylar Holman

Age: 14

Look: Brown straight hair shoulder length, blue eyes, average height, skinny
Personality: Shy, quiet, dreads talking in front of people, keeps most things to herself.  Very athletic, enjoys running, smart and logical, solves clues quickly and easily, has Hyperthermesia (meaning she remembers everything), freezes up and cannot think in situations like those in her past, enjoys reading especially mysteries.  Has a best friend named Zoe.

Time Period: Modern

Above was just a brief description of Skylar.  To get to know her more, I will be writing short stories about her (and I will probably be using her in a future novel).  Now, here is what I would like you to decide, would you like me to, every other week, post a short story about this character?  I will probably do two or three and then create a new character.  I would like you to vote in the poll to the right and tell me if you think it is a good idea.

- Mickayla

Note: Novel Expansion Saturday will be put on hold and the day possibly changed.

Monday, September 15, 2014

100 for 100 Challenge

I am super excited to announce the first day of the 4th 100 for 100 Challenge on Go Teen Writers!  I, of course, am participating and I hope you are too.  It is going to be a fantastic 100 days.  I am most likely going to post how I am doing every Monday (or every Monday I can).  Have fun everyone!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Monday Minute Challenge

I apologize for not posting in so long, but I have been sick for the past week.  Well, anyway, here is my entry for the Monday Minute Challenge on Tessa Emily Hall's blog Christ is Write.  I used the sentence prompt and it turned out to be 298 words.  Enjoy!

                It was a place I passed every day. Who would have guessed it was a trap?  I fell to the ground and sobbed in the dark enclosed room I was being kept hostage inside.  Someone will find me, they have to.  I tried so hard to believe it, but I only doubted myself.

∞ ∞ ∞

                My horse and I trotted gracefully along the dirt road, admiring the beautiful trees to both sides.  Spirit and I loved to take this trail in our spare time, and I often brought a book with me.  We were nearing the large climbing tree, which my older sister and I used to play in when we were younger.  I slowed Spirit to a halt, considering if it would be a good time to take a break.  Crunch!  The jet black stallion reared up.  I tumbled down his back hit the ground hard.  Another dress, ruined!  After brushing off the dirt, I stared ahead at Spirit, who was on high alert.

                “What is up with you, pretty boy?”  I said in a calming voice.  I could see the white in his eyes and he was breathing heavy.  “Did you hear something over there, Spirit?”  I pointed towards the tree.  Something must have spooked him, he isn’t usually like this.  I led him over towards the tree to see what might have scared him.  In a flash, two men came running towards me and grabbed my arm.  I tried hard to loosen his grip and take off on Spirit, but I couldn’t.

∞ ∞ ∞

                I cried even harder.  Who knows what they will to my blessed horse?  They could beat him, or just go ahead and kill him.  I squeezed my eyes shut tight, hoping I would never have to open them again.

Thanks for reading :)