Friday, September 19, 2014

Character Profile: Skylar Holman

Lately, I have been so busy juggling schoolwork, working on my WIP, Galaxy Connectors, trying to draw as much as I can, and furiously reading books that keep adding up on my list.  Now that I have finally had time to write a post, I thought I would introduce a new idea I had.

Character Profiles.

You can create a character, it could either be one you are already using a your novel or one you are planning on using in the future.  When I made my character, I jotted down s many details as I could think about her.  I wanted to know her almost as good as myself, so I could easily predict her actions in certain situations. Now that you know what I mean by a character profile, I can tell you all about my character.

Name: Skylar Holman

Age: 14

Look: Brown straight hair shoulder length, blue eyes, average height, skinny
Personality: Shy, quiet, dreads talking in front of people, keeps most things to herself.  Very athletic, enjoys running, smart and logical, solves clues quickly and easily, has Hyperthermesia (meaning she remembers everything), freezes up and cannot think in situations like those in her past, enjoys reading especially mysteries.  Has a best friend named Zoe.

Time Period: Modern

Above was just a brief description of Skylar.  To get to know her more, I will be writing short stories about her (and I will probably be using her in a future novel).  Now, here is what I would like you to decide, would you like me to, every other week, post a short story about this character?  I will probably do two or three and then create a new character.  I would like you to vote in the poll to the right and tell me if you think it is a good idea.

- Mickayla

Note: Novel Expansion Saturday will be put on hold and the day possibly changed.