Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Monday Minute Challenge

This is my fourth entry for Monday Minute Challenges on Tessa Emily Hall's blog, Christ is Write.  First of all, I am super excited because my picture prompt was chosen for this week's challenge!

I chose the picture prompt (the one I entered!!!) and it turned out to be exactly 300 words.  Enjoy!

It all happened so fast.  I felt if you blinked, you would miss something.  I was always looking and counting, making sure all of the family was together.  The mass confusion and chaos made me a little dizzy.  Making matters worse, no one told us what was happening or what was going on, they just told us what to do. 

On my back, my little 14 – month – old granddaughter cried, wishing for the noise to stop so she could sneak in a rest.  I almost wished I was her, on someone’s back, carefree and not worried about getting separated from family, or bumping into the people in front of you.  We continued into a large building and loud beeping sounded throughout the building.  I did my best to weave through the crowd at a quicker pace to escape the sound.  Behind me, my daughter held my hand tightly.  Then, it was jerked out.  I turned back, but she was out of reach.  I attempted at pushing against the crowd but it was hopeless. 

“No…” I whispered with a scratchy voice.

“Everyone please make a path for adults with young children.  They receive the first seating.”  The intercom announced.  A small path was made in front of me.  I looked back and my daughter was out of sight.  I have to keep going.  If I turn back, I may never get my granddaughter onto the spaceship.  I raced forward and boarded the ship with haste.  It soon became crowded and I could barely breathe, but it was worth it for the little baby on my lap to be taken to safety.  Not five minutes later, we took off and drew farther away from earth. Moments later, a giant explosion destroyed our home planet and my daughter was dead, I knew it.
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