Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Taking a Photograph and Making it into a Masterpiece

One of my favorite exercises I enjoy doing is taking a photograph and making it into a drawing.  It really builds up your skills and helps expand your drawing "boundaries".  For me, it is much easier to follow an image, because it tells you proportion, color, shade, angle at which the light is coming from, etc.  See, you don't have to figure all this out, so it helps you focus on the details. 

An advantage of drawing from a picture is when you want to capture something that might change.  For example, if you wanted to draw a swan on a lake at sunset, you most likely will not be able to finish your drawing without the bird moving or the sun going fully down.  Also, you might be on vacation at a beautiful place, like the Grand Canyon, and want to sit down and draw some of the scenery, but you just don't want to hold the rest of your family up because you have so many other things you want to do there before you leave.  That would be a good time to take a picture and then move on to draw the picture another day or even when you get back from the trip.

A disadvantage to taking a picture is usually you cannot go back and take it again at a different angle.  You just have to deal with what you get.  This frustrates me sometimes, especially when it is so beautiful, but the angle is off or something isn't centered the way you want it to be. 

What I would recommend is taking your time, well as much as you can, and plan out your drawing, and then take the picture.