Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Character Profile: Skylar Holman

Ok, first of all, I have to say that I am sorry I did not post yesterday.  For once, though, my excuse isn't that I was busy.  To be truthful, I had nothing but time.  So, I ended up super bored and uninspired.  Anyway, no to keep you in suspense any longer, here it is.

- - - - - - -
My heart pounded heavily against my chest, feeling as if my ribs would simply crack in two at any moment.  The couch I sat on, though cushioned, felt as hard as a rock.  The soft lightened room added no comfort.  I hated being here, the walls seemed to close around me on all sides and suffocate me.

“Skylar, Skylar Holman.”  The young man called to me, trying to get my attention.

“Yes?” I questioned him with a flat stare.

“You know why you are here, now please, tell me what the earliest moment you can remember is?”  He coaxed.

“I, I…don’t know.”

“Yes, you do.  Skylar, you have Hyperthermesia, you remember everything.  Look, I cannot imagine how you must feel right now, not many teenage girls want to be called a ‘case’.” He paused to glance at his watch. “Just try.”  How was I going to explain it to him?  How was I going to tell what happened?  All that pain, I couldn’t speak the words.  But, it was too late now.  I was already seeing the flashbacks of that night, when the men came.  I couldn’t stand to see it replay in my mind for the hundredth time.  I was only two years old, but I remembered the day like a nightmare that I dreamed the night before.  An odd silence filled the room, and I took a quick glance at the clock.  Perfect.

“Excuse me, sir, but our time together is up.”  I said as politely as possible.  Then, I raced out of the room before another word could be stated. 

When I reached home, after running most of the way, I was completely out of breath.  My muscles ached and my brain seemed to also.  Oh no…  I knew what this meant – an attack.  The world seemed to spin all around me as I struggled to get into the house.  Inside, my younger brother was playing with his babysitter, Brooke Winchester.  Although she was four years older than me, I was developing a friendly relationship with her.  Brooke took one look at me and went to work.

“Skylar, here lay down on the couch.” She took my arm and pushed it up onto her shoulder.  “I will call your parents.”  The next thing I knew, I was out.  I was unconscious and my body shut down.
I woke up in the scientists’ lab and they were running several tests.  I stayed calm; I was used to this.  It was common for me to have attacks, but never this severe.  I still felt a bit dizzy from the attack and I tries my hardest to relax.  When I felt fully alert, I began to observe my surroundings.  In another room neighboring the testing room, other scientists were mixing chemicals.  Hmm…I wonder what that is for.  My curious mind hinted me to look further into this.

When the tests were finally completed, the doctor left to tell my parents I was finished.  I was relieved and gave into this opportunity.  I jumped up out of my chair.  Before I could find a way into where the chemicals were, the door creaked open.  That was quicker than usual.  I soon realized that the face was much younger than my parents’ or even the doctor’s.
“Oh, Brooke.” I blurted.
“Your Mom said I could go ahead in to see you.  What were you doing, it looked like you were looking for a way out or something?”  She looked at me as if demanding an answer.
“I was trying to find a way into that room,” My finger pointed towards the chemicals. “I was just curious.”  I searched around once more and this time finished satisfied.  The air vent tunnel looped around and came back out in the other room.  As quickly as I could, I rolled the chair over towards the wall and locked the wheels.  “Want to come with me?”
“Sure.  Let’s go.”  We both filed into the tunnel and crawled our way through the passage.  Seconds later, we opened up the air vent on the other side.  Without a thought, I jumped down to the floor.  I landed flat on my feet and turned around.  Brooke was still up in the opening, waiting.

“There isn’t really anything I can put up against the wall for you to jump on.  Do you want to just wait there?  I will only be a minute.”  When I reached the table, I began to search.  I just need to find paperwork.  The rustle of pages sounded throughout the room and my eyes scanned. There, I had found it.  Formula almost ready for testing on the new subject to see if it affects their memory.  Soon we should have the army of people with perfect memories on their side.  What?  These scientists are testing me to build an army of people with perfect memory.  That would be a disaster.  I had to do something, and I had to do something soon.
- - - - - -
*sighs*  That was much longer than I expected, but, I always get carried away when I write.  Thanks for reading, bye!  *waves furiously*
- Mickayla