Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Monday Minute Challenge

Below is my entry for this week's Monday Minute Challenge on Christ is Write.  I apologize for not being able to follow my blog schedule, but my life has been so busy.  Anyway...I used the picture prompt again and it turned out to be 212 words.  Enjoy!

She was trapped, all alone, with nothing to hide.  How had she gotten here?  She deserved better.  The last move wasn’t a smart one, she must admit, but maybe it was worth it.  Giving up herself wasn’t an easy choice, but she did it for him.  The tears continued to flood down her pale, dirty face.  How could she live like this for the rest of her life?  She couldn’t.  Then why had she ever made that one decision, which changed everything?  She didn’t even know herself.  He was the one who dragged her into all of the sinful things, shouldn’t he be the one here?  He had done wrong and she believed in him.  Her tangled blond hair hadn’t been brushed in days and she pushed her fingers through the tangled blond hair back out of her glistening blue eyes with much effort.  He was the one who should be in jail right now, not her.  But, no, she loved him and took his place willingly.  It was almost as if she gave up her life for him.  Just days before, together they sat an old table, staring at the wanted poster with their faces all over not saying a word.  She had done it to protect him, wasn’t that enough?

Thanks so much for reading!

- Mickayla :)