Thursday, April 2, 2015

Book Covers 101

Book covers... what do you think when you hear those two words?  I think of two things - one of the most common ways to catch a readers eye and using it to describe your novel. 

I have had someone ask me about how I make my book cover, so I decided to make this post.  Some authors like to create their covers themselves, while other authors have professionals help them out.  If you are just writing for fun and want a picture to show and tell your novel, here are a few ways to help you out.

Figure out what program you will use.  First, things first, you need to try a few different styles and programs.  Here are few questions you might want to ask yourself:  Do you want to draw it out by hand or do it on the computer?  What kind of fonts do you want to use?  Do you want your cover to fit with your genre?  How do you want to express your novel through an image or drawing?

Here are a short list of some programs you could use: Paint, Microsoft Publisher, paper and pencils (this is not a program on the computer :P).

Note: If you are using pictures from the internet, there is copyright and all that.  But, if you are just doing it for fun, I don't think it really matters.

Get creative.  Plan out what you want it to say, what shapes you want to use and make a small rough sketch.  You many have to experiment a little bit with some different styles until you find the one that really fits your story.  

In my cover (which I might end up doing again because I have started my novel over), I used a large black paper for the base, some pictures of galaxies and traced a font from the computer.  Then, I pulled it all together with some glue, and you can look at it on the My Writing page.

I really hope this helps you create your cover!  Remember, the cover is usually the first thing a reader sees in your novel.  Make it stunning... and have fun!!! :)