Saturday, January 30, 2016

Schedule Change

I just wanted to let everyone know, I am changing my posting day to Tuesday!  Thank you for waiting another couplel days. :)

Saturday, January 23, 2016

A New Art Series // Adult Coloring

Art is about experimenting.  The only way you will become a better artist is by trying new things and making mistakes.  Through your mistakes, you learn new things and an broaden your range as an artist.  Over the past couple months, I have experimented with two different kinds of artwork.  When I first started drawing, I stuck with a very small range of objects to sketch.  I wanted my work to turn out perfect.  I didn't want to experiment.  I thought that because I couldn't draw something perfect the first time, I would never be able to draw it.  But, the truth is, you are never going to sketch something perfect the first time.  Yes, some of art is talent.  Most of it is practice.  Practice, practice, practice.  If you aren't good at drawing people (like me), keep drawing people.  You will never get better if you don't start practicing.  One of my goals over the past year or so is to try new kinds of artwork.  Well, I have already tried two new things.

After writing some of this out, I realized how long this post would be if I made it all into one.  I will be splitting this up into three parts, with one new kind of art in each.

Adult Coloring

This is like the new big thing.  I am serious.  One of my cousins introduced me to this over Thanksgiving, and I pretty much fell in love with it.  It gave me a chance to work with colors and just color.  I didn't have to worry about if this line was perfect, I just grabbed some pencils and designed.  I played with the colors, blending and shading.  I let my imagination take over and before I knew it, I had a colorful design.  The coloring was a care-free look-back at when I was little and colored (or scribbled) outside the lines.

Getting Started: This one is pretty simple.  All you need is two things.  Something to color and something to color with.  You should be able to find both of these around your house.  

What to Color: Thanks to the internet, finding a sheet to color is simple.  There are millions of free online printable coloring pages.  I linked some of my favorite coloring sheets below.

These are just a few that I really like, but there are so many other options.  If you search on "free adult coloring" on Pinterest, you can find just about any coloring page you could think of.

Also, you can find tons of adult coloring books at any art store.   I got one for Christmas with several different animals (more animals...).  Once again, you can find almost any different kind of coloring book.  Flowers, animals, mandalas, doodles, etc.

Another form of coloring pages are through apps.  I personally haven't colored on an app, but I know someone who has, and they really enjoy it.  This is a good option if you are on the road or don't have pencils and paper with you.  Here are a couple apps that were recommended to me.

What to Color With: Again, there are so many options.  There are crayons, colored pencils, colored pens, and markers.  My personal favorite are colored pencils, because of the texture and the accuracy of the pencils.  But, here is my opinion of all of the different coloring utensils.


Pros: These crayons are an inexpensive way to get bold color with a good texture.  Crayola, for example, has dozens of colors, so there is so much variety to choose from.
Cons: Crayons are tough to sharpen, and take a firm hand to make an even distribution of color.  Also, they are difficult to make a precise mark.  If you are doing a very detailed coloring page, crayons can be difficult.

Colored pencils

 Pros: Quality colored pencils can run a little more expensive than crayons, but they are very nice.  Super easy to sharpen, and accurate.  With colored pencils, shading and blending is simple.  Playing around with these are super easy.  The pencils I used are on the right.
Cons: Colored pencils aren't the greatest for large areas because they get dull very fast.

Colored Pens

Pros: These are great for outlines, shading, and details.  My favorite pens for these are the Staedler Fineliner Pens, on right.  They have a consistent line, and a fine tip.
Cons: These can bleed.  Other than that, I don't have any other complaints.


Pros: Markers make a smooth line with barely any texture if any.  
Cons: Markers can easily overlap and cause an unrealistic look.  They can also bleed through the paper.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Your Gifts or His Gifts? // Guest Post by Hosanna Emily

I was planning on waiting to post this until next week, but I ran out of time to work on my original post.  So, I woke up this morning and totally freaked out.  ITS SATURDAY!  I AM SUPPOSED TO POST ON MY BLOG!!! Thank you so much Hosanna for agreeing to guest post on my blog. :)  You really helped me out.  This post is really amazing!!!

One more thing before I move on... be sure to check out her amazing blog Having A Heart Like His!

~ ~ ~

 I sat in the middle of the church, waiting and listening to song after song being sung for the audition for the musical.  "When will it be my turn?"  I wiggled in my seat feeling anxious all over.  It wasn't as if I had never sang in front of an audience before.  There were less than 50 people listening, after all.  "Hosanna."  My name was called.  I stood to my feet and walked stiffly to the front.  In less than 5 minutes, it was all over.  Yet I still thought to myself, "Why am I not a natural performer?  Many of the others here don't hesitate to sing in front of a crowd.  I can sing...but it is so scary!  Why isn't it easy like it is for so many other people?"

     Maybe you have thought similar thoughts yourself.  It's easy to see that everyone has gifts.  Whether you are an artist, performer, author, or musician, you have God-given gifts that other people may not have.  But commonly it doesn't seem to be enough.  Do you ever wish that you had more talents?   Do you ever think how nice it would be to be a natural _____ (fill in the blank)?  I do.  And it can be hard not to at times.  Yet, I think what we all need to recognize is that God gave us our talents.  We need to praise God with what we have, not blame Him for what we do not have.

     Truthfully, one of the best parts of life is the diversity of people you meet!  I have best friends who like my least favorite colors, listen to my least favorite music, and have complete opposite personalities than I have.  But it doesn't matter.  We are friends, and nothing will stand in the way of that!

     And imagine...if you had every single gift, then what would be left?  You wouldn't be able to learn anything!  If everyone had every talent, then there wouldn't be anything interesting in life.  You couldn't excel more than anyone else.   What we really need to do is just to accept the gifts that God has blessed you with.  Whatever it is.  Sure, you can practice and try to get better in other areas, and that is a very good ambition to pursue!  However, do not be consumed by wishing that you were "like them".  

     Remember that God already gave you the Perfect Gift—His Son!  As 2 Corinthians 9:15 says, “Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!”  There is nothing you could ever do to repay God.  His gift was priceless!  But He will still be delighted when you believe and live with the fact that He made you perfectly.  Use your gifts for Him, and then He will be honored through your life.  There is no better thing that you could do for Him.

~ ~ ~


I'm Hosanna Emily--a teenage girl who wants her life to show the love of Christ! I am also an authoress, home-schooled student, avid reader, American Sign Language learner, piano player, and (did I mention earlier?) daughter of the King! Come join me as we seek to have a heart like His!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Truth and Dare

"Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Then you will be able to tests and approve what God's will is--his good, pleasing, and perfect will." ~ Romans 12:2

First of all, I apologize this is a day late.  I had this post all written out on Thursday, and scheduled it for yesterday.  But, somehow, the computer didn't post it.  Now, onto the post...

The world is messed up.  Sin lurks around every corner, and Satan is ready to trip us into temptation. Admit it, we can't face the temptations of this world on our own.  We need someone to help us.  And God is much more than enough.  

I was thinking today, about how different people are from biblical times.  Take movies, for example.  There shouldn't be such a thing as an R rated movie.  The concept shouldn't even exist.  I saw a trailer on TV, and I knew from the start it was R, for more things than I care to mention.  Who would want to even produce, direct, or act in a movie with such immorality?

I looked at dresses recently at a clothes store directed towards teens.  I was amazed.  Is this really a dress?  It looks more like a shirt to me.  I thought as I flipped through several different dresses.  It was unbelievable how short this dress was.  How can someone even sit down in this?  It isn't necessary to show that much.

While I was cleaning out my desk last week, I found this quote from Natalie Grant, a Christian singer.  It is now up on my wall.

"I dare you to let the world know that you are His--redeemed, changed, loved--and you are not ashamed."                               ~Natalie Grant

Don't be afraid to stand out in a crowd because of what you believe.  Be an example, let the world know that you're a son or daughter of Christ.  You shouldn't be ashamed of who you are as a believer.  Don't worry about what other people think.  There are going to be people who criticize you.  You can never please everyone.  The only person you should be worried about pleasing is God.  And no one else.

My pastor was preaching on this subject not too long ago, and he gave me an example for me to think on.  If there are two groups of people, A and B, with different views of the world, there is no way you can please both.  If you start going along with group A, group B wont be please.  Then, if you go over to group B and start going along with them, group A would be upset.  There is no way you can please everyone.  So, focus on pleasing your Creator and your Savior, God.

I am still trying to get my head wrapped around this concept.  It is easier for me to type out this post than actually go out and follow everything I just told you.  It's hard.  I dare you (and myself) to show the world that you are God's son or daughter, and that you are not ashamed of it.  Focus on pleasing God, not people.  



Saturday, January 2, 2016

My 2016 New Year Resolutions

The new year means a fresh start.  It is time to "start over", putting the old things behind, and looking forward to the new things to come.  This blog is long overdue for a fresh start.  I want to start off 2016 with a post (I know, its about time) on some of my goals this year and a blog schedule - one that I will actually hopefully be able to follow.

My New Blog Schedule

Over the last six months, I have had almost zero time to blog.  When I did have time, my mind was completely blank.  Both of those problems are solved (to some extent).  I thought that having a blog schedule might help me stay on track.  I didn't want to post too often, otherwise I wouldn't be able to think of enough ideas.  Or just get plain bored.  Last night, I planned out every post for this month, the title, topic, and main points.  This helped.  It not only made sure that I had ideas for the whole month, but got me pumped up about blogging.  I could work on posts ahead of time and not be waiting until the last minute.

I will post every Saturday, unless I have a decent excuse.  Simple enough, right?  I found that Saturday was the easiest day of the week to post, because I have school during the week, and church activities on Sunday.

Book Goals

I am not a total bookworm, but I do like to read (notice choice of words: "like" instead of "love"). When I do find a good book, I can't put it down.  I have so many books I want to read (mostly from recommendations), I am getting a little overwhelmed.  "HOW AM I EVER GOING TO READ ALL THESE BOOKS?" *headdesk*  One of my resolutions this year is to read 50 books.  That means about 4 books a month (and 2 extra).  *silently freaks out from the unexpected number*  You can follow my status on Goodreads throughout the year.

2016 Reading List

A Time to Speak by Nadine Brandes.  I am currently reading this one.  AMAZING.  Expect a review on this one sometime soon.
The Choosing by Dekker Rachelle
Heartless by Anne Elizabeth Stengl (as well as the rest of the Tales of Goldstone Wood)
Five Enchanted Roses: A Collection of Beauty and the Beast Stories
Orphan's Song by Gillian Bronte Adams
Water Princess, Fire Prince by Kendra A. Ardnek

Of course, I have a million other books that I want to read.  The ones listed above are the ones I will be reading first.

Many bloggers (and readers) have different opinions on book reviews.  Some people say that they don't feel like as many people read those posts.  I love reading book reviews.  I enjoy getting to find out what other people think about the book.  If it's good or bad.  So what do you think?  Would you like to hear reviews on the books above and others that I read?  I would really appreciate your feedback.

Would you like to see more book reviews?

Other New Year Resolutions

  • Post on my blog once a week.

I am hoping with my new blog schedule and new method, I will keep up with blogging.  It would really be an accomplishment to complete this resolution.  I would feel so proud of myself!

  • Do NaNoWriMo and reach 50k in November

*freaks out* I really wanted to do this last November, but I just didn't have the time.  November rolled around and I didn't have a single idea planned out.  For me, it was like...

Me on October 31: Oh my goodness!  TOMORROW IS NOVEMBER 1st????  I HAVEN"T EVEN SIGNED UP FOR NANO!!!! *headdesk*

Now, I have plenty of time to prepare, and hopefully I will have a better schedule.

  • Read at least 50 books this year

This is going to be a challenge, but I really want to read more.  I have already finished one book this year.  One down.  Fourty-nine left to go. *crosses fingers*

  • Go on a mission trip

I have volunteered at several places in the community, but I have never gone somewhere to do a mission trip for a number of days.  I don't think I will be able to go out of the country, but maybe at least out of the state.  Mission trips have touched the lives of many people, both the volunteers, and the people they are helping.  I want to be able to do that for someone.

  • Run a 5k

Recently, I have been playing soccer at a local Christian private school.  There is a lot of running involved, so I thought I might try my hand at running a 5k. We'll see how that goes ;).

  • Draw a Bible Verse a Month Challenge

I heard from someone who was doing this challenge and thought it was an awesome idea.  It gives me a chance to study God's Word, while getting some drawing practice in as well.  Basically you choose a Bible Verse each month, study it, and then draw it.  If you want to do this challenge with me, I would absolutely love for you to join in!  I will be posting my drawings as I finish them, so you can follow along.

For the next week or so, I will be updating and changing other pages on my blog, so if you have any issues navigating around the blog, I apologize in advance!
- Mickayla