Sunday, January 10, 2016

Truth and Dare

"Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Then you will be able to tests and approve what God's will is--his good, pleasing, and perfect will." ~ Romans 12:2

First of all, I apologize this is a day late.  I had this post all written out on Thursday, and scheduled it for yesterday.  But, somehow, the computer didn't post it.  Now, onto the post...

The world is messed up.  Sin lurks around every corner, and Satan is ready to trip us into temptation. Admit it, we can't face the temptations of this world on our own.  We need someone to help us.  And God is much more than enough.  

I was thinking today, about how different people are from biblical times.  Take movies, for example.  There shouldn't be such a thing as an R rated movie.  The concept shouldn't even exist.  I saw a trailer on TV, and I knew from the start it was R, for more things than I care to mention.  Who would want to even produce, direct, or act in a movie with such immorality?

I looked at dresses recently at a clothes store directed towards teens.  I was amazed.  Is this really a dress?  It looks more like a shirt to me.  I thought as I flipped through several different dresses.  It was unbelievable how short this dress was.  How can someone even sit down in this?  It isn't necessary to show that much.

While I was cleaning out my desk last week, I found this quote from Natalie Grant, a Christian singer.  It is now up on my wall.

"I dare you to let the world know that you are His--redeemed, changed, loved--and you are not ashamed."                               ~Natalie Grant

Don't be afraid to stand out in a crowd because of what you believe.  Be an example, let the world know that you're a son or daughter of Christ.  You shouldn't be ashamed of who you are as a believer.  Don't worry about what other people think.  There are going to be people who criticize you.  You can never please everyone.  The only person you should be worried about pleasing is God.  And no one else.

My pastor was preaching on this subject not too long ago, and he gave me an example for me to think on.  If there are two groups of people, A and B, with different views of the world, there is no way you can please both.  If you start going along with group A, group B wont be please.  Then, if you go over to group B and start going along with them, group A would be upset.  There is no way you can please everyone.  So, focus on pleasing your Creator and your Savior, God.

I am still trying to get my head wrapped around this concept.  It is easier for me to type out this post than actually go out and follow everything I just told you.  It's hard.  I dare you (and myself) to show the world that you are God's son or daughter, and that you are not ashamed of it.  Focus on pleasing God, not people.