Saturday, January 16, 2016

Your Gifts or His Gifts? // Guest Post by Hosanna Emily

I was planning on waiting to post this until next week, but I ran out of time to work on my original post.  So, I woke up this morning and totally freaked out.  ITS SATURDAY!  I AM SUPPOSED TO POST ON MY BLOG!!! Thank you so much Hosanna for agreeing to guest post on my blog. :)  You really helped me out.  This post is really amazing!!!

One more thing before I move on... be sure to check out her amazing blog Having A Heart Like His!

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 I sat in the middle of the church, waiting and listening to song after song being sung for the audition for the musical.  "When will it be my turn?"  I wiggled in my seat feeling anxious all over.  It wasn't as if I had never sang in front of an audience before.  There were less than 50 people listening, after all.  "Hosanna."  My name was called.  I stood to my feet and walked stiffly to the front.  In less than 5 minutes, it was all over.  Yet I still thought to myself, "Why am I not a natural performer?  Many of the others here don't hesitate to sing in front of a crowd.  I can sing...but it is so scary!  Why isn't it easy like it is for so many other people?"

     Maybe you have thought similar thoughts yourself.  It's easy to see that everyone has gifts.  Whether you are an artist, performer, author, or musician, you have God-given gifts that other people may not have.  But commonly it doesn't seem to be enough.  Do you ever wish that you had more talents?   Do you ever think how nice it would be to be a natural _____ (fill in the blank)?  I do.  And it can be hard not to at times.  Yet, I think what we all need to recognize is that God gave us our talents.  We need to praise God with what we have, not blame Him for what we do not have.

     Truthfully, one of the best parts of life is the diversity of people you meet!  I have best friends who like my least favorite colors, listen to my least favorite music, and have complete opposite personalities than I have.  But it doesn't matter.  We are friends, and nothing will stand in the way of that!

     And imagine...if you had every single gift, then what would be left?  You wouldn't be able to learn anything!  If everyone had every talent, then there wouldn't be anything interesting in life.  You couldn't excel more than anyone else.   What we really need to do is just to accept the gifts that God has blessed you with.  Whatever it is.  Sure, you can practice and try to get better in other areas, and that is a very good ambition to pursue!  However, do not be consumed by wishing that you were "like them".  

     Remember that God already gave you the Perfect Gift—His Son!  As 2 Corinthians 9:15 says, “Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!”  There is nothing you could ever do to repay God.  His gift was priceless!  But He will still be delighted when you believe and live with the fact that He made you perfectly.  Use your gifts for Him, and then He will be honored through your life.  There is no better thing that you could do for Him.

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I'm Hosanna Emily--a teenage girl who wants her life to show the love of Christ! I am also an authoress, home-schooled student, avid reader, American Sign Language learner, piano player, and (did I mention earlier?) daughter of the King! Come join me as we seek to have a heart like His!