Tuesday, March 1, 2016

How I Deal with Writer's Block

I suffer from writer's block.  Who doesn't?  It's that point in writing where my brain is completely drained of those creative juices.  I'm at that point where I can't write another word.  Zero.  My brain has nothing.

ME:  I need to write.  Bad.  *procrastinates* (1 HOUR LATER) *finally sits down at the computer and works on story* (5 MINUTES LATER) My brain is exploding with ideas for this chapter. *types furiously* (1 HOUR LATER) I am so done with writing.  Can't take this anymore. *headdesk*

If you can relate, here are a few things I do to overcome writer's block.

1. Take a break.  This is an easy one.  It doesn't always work for me, but it can help significantly to step away for 10 minutes and do something else.

2. Do a word war with someone.  Motivation, people.  Nothing beats it.  Writing with someone else can get me writing again, especially if it means competing in a word war.  I am very competitive. :)

3. Make a Pinterest board for your story.  If you already have one, add some more pins to it or just flip through the ones you have already pinned.  This can help a lot.  It helps me get my mind back on the story and can give me knew ideas which gets my brain moving again.  Woo-hoo for Pinterest!

4. Find a story prompt or picture on Pinterest and write a 100-300 word little story.  By taking my mind off the story at hand and moving on to something else, it gives me a fresh perspective.  I wrote this one last week:

Photo from: www.pinterest.com/pin/389913280213742416/
This is the story of a man with a dark past; but when I looked in his eyes, I saw none of that.  I only saw joy.  Joy from the laughter of the children dancing around him.  But, every now and then I would notice a dark expression cross his face.  Grief.  Suffering.  I could recognize it from a mile away, for I knew it well myself.  He thought no one was looking; but I was.  I seemed to be the only person who ever noticed him, except for the children.  They loved him.  Adored him.  The way the butterflies bounced off his fingers.  How his silver hair flowed like a waterfall onto his shoulders.  He was a storyteller.  That man who sat in the market, day after day, entertaining children.  From the start, I knew there was something different about him, and not because of his past.  I could never quite put my finger on it.  Until one day.  That was when that young storyteller with silver hair changed my life forever.

I hope this helps next time you have writer's block!

- Mickayla <3