Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Get to Know Me Tag

In this tag, you get to know more about me.  No kidding.  I pretty much just said that in the title.  LOL.  Wow, I'm in a very distracted mood today.   Moving on from my pointless ramblings that you probably didn't even read, lets get into the tag.  

Just kidding.  One more thing before I spill out about myself.  Thank you Anna from Truth of the Lens for tagging me.  Honestly, I needed a post idea.  I was completely unprepared when Tuesday rolled around.  Now, it's time for the post.

Vital Stats

Name: Mickayla

Nickname: Mickayla is a pen name (surprise!), so I don't really have any nicknames.  

Place of Birth: Florida

Star sign:  What. Is. This.  I seriously have no idea.  Sorry.  

(So far, this is very little new information.  I know.  It will come.)


Best Friend: Claire.  She is awesome everyone!

Award: In 4th grade, I played in a soccer league and got an award for most improved player.

Sport:  My first sport was dance, which I stopped when I was 7.  Since then, I have done soccer, archery, and horseback riding.

Real holiday:  Is this supposed to mean vacation?  I think so.  My family has taken tons of trips to Disney (because we live in Florida), so one of those trips was my first vacation.

Concert: My first concert was either a Matthew West concert or Night of Joy (which is a HUGE Christian concert at Disney.  SO MANY ARTISTS.).  I can't remember which came first.


(Oh dear, be prepared for long lists.)

Film: MARVEL (Avengers, Captain America, and Thor), Lord of the Rings, War Room, National Treasure, Star Wars: The Force Awakens

TV Show: Doctor Who and Sherlock (Notice both BBC shows)

Color: Green.  Like an olive green, even though I don't like olives.  Oh - and TARDIS blue.  Can't forget that one. :)

Song:  Currently, my favorite song is Alone by Hollyn, but there are so many others.  Here's My Heart by Lauren Daigle, The Outsiders by NeedToBreathe, Long Live by For King and Country, and Forest by Twenty-One Pilots.

Restaurant: Olive Garden.  GIVE ME ITALIAN FOOD.

Books: Out of Time Series by Nadine Brandes.  Even though the last book isn't out yet - which is a tragedy - I know its still going to be my favorite series.  A very close second is the Ilyon Chronicles by Jaye L. Knight.  One more series that I can't forget to mention is the Charlie Bone Series.  These books were my childhood.  I currently re-reading the series.  AMAZING.


Feeling:  Blah.  Its 9:00 in the morning.  I still haven't waken up.

Single or Taken: Definitely single.

Eating:  Apples.  Yum!!!

Watching: I'm not watching anything, but I am listening to the complete Marvel theme song soundtrack.  That counts, right?

Wearing:  Jeans and a sweatshirt.  Why not?


Want children: Yes.  But if God's plans are different, then, he has a reason for it.

Want to be married: Yes, but only if it is God's plan for my life.

Careers in mind: Veterinarian.  I'll take care of the sick little animals.

Where you want to live: Anywhere with plenty of land and a barn.  I need space for my horses. =)

Do you believe in...

God: Without a doubt.

Miracles: Absolutely.

Love at first sight:  I have never really thought about this, but I guess not.

Ghosts: No.  

Aliens: No.

Soul mates: I don't really now.

Heaven: Yes and I can't wait to get there.

Hell: Yes.  It is real.

Kissing on the first date: NO!  NO!  I believe in saving your first kiss until your wedding day.

Yourself:  Most of the time.

Hopefully you learned a little more about me from this post.  Some of these things I barely know myself.  It's a learning experience for all of us.  I tag Hosanna at Having a Heart Like His.  Everyone else I know has already been tagged.  If you want to do this tag, go right ahead!

I have also been nominated for the Liebster Award, which I might post sometime this week.  If not, I will post it on next Tuesday.

Until next time,

- Mickayla