My Artwork

Oh, right, I have to show you my drawings.*hides*  Okay, so I'm not the greatest artist.  I can't paint to save my life.  I also can't draw people.  Ready to see my self portrait?  Yes, its a stick figure.  LOL! :D

I cleaned out my entire desk to find old drawings that I stuffed into drawers.  I threw out quite a few. Don't worry, they were terrible.  You wouldn't want to see them.  The few that I did save... I am posting here. *ducks under desk*  

Everyone tells me I have a natural talent for drawing.  Everyone, as in my parents.  Does anyone have parents that tell you everything you do is awesome just because they are your parents?  I do.  I am not sure if I can trust them or not.  (Don't worry, Mom and Dad, I still love you and trust you in other areas.)  So, the real question is, is my art good?  Do I have natural talent?  I did ask a couple of friends - people that wouldn't be afraid to tell me "Mickayla, that is the worst drawing I have ever seen in my life.  You should shred it to bits and burn it." - luckily no one said that to me.  Alright, enough of my rambling.  Here are my drawings. *covers face and hides under desk*

Hello Fall

This drawing was done in November of 2015.  I used a pencil to sketch out my guidelines and Staedler's Fineliner Pens for the color.  My inspiration was from this photo.

The Colors of Nature

This drawing was done in spring of 2014.  I did use a tutorial on YouTube for this.  During this time, I was experimenting with colored pencils.  Click here for the tutorial.

I Heart Music

I sketched this collage is 2013.  Yes, I was listening to music when I was inspired to draw this.  

Hibiscus Flower

I drew this in 2013 on the way to board a cruise ship.  (Don't ask me how I remember all these details.  I promise I didn't write them down anywhere.  I am surprised I remembered these details myself.)  Someone I knew lived these Hawaiian flowers and I thought I would draw one for them.

Soccer Ball

Original name, right?  I drew this in September of 2015, right before I tried out for a school soccer team.  I assumed I was really excited, and that was my inspiration.

Gypsy Vanner

I didn't make up that name.  It's the breed of the horse, just in case you were wondering.  I drew this from an awesome horse drawing book in 2015.


I drew this horse in 2015.  Also from the awesome horse drawing book.

 Quarter Horse

Another horse I drew in 2015 from the horse drawing book.  I think this is one of the best drawings I have ever done.

*Peeks head over desk*  Were they alright?  You didn't die of boredom or hideousness?  Whew... That's good.  Thank you so much for looking at my drawings, even if they weren't the greatest. :D